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5th/6th Grade 11-9-14

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of substitute teaching for Daniel's 5th & 6th grade class.

During the Judaica class, the students received their new Israel Matters books, they divided into five small groups, and each group prepared a short skit based on one of the following Zionists: Herzl, Kook, Gordon, Jabotinsky and al-Husseini. They then performed the skits in front of the class and shared some information about the person they represented. After a lively music session with Michael, the students created comic strips about one of the famous people they chose. We ended the class with an open discussion about anti-semitism, what it's like to be in a minority group in this country, and how it shows up for the students in their lives, especially at school, where some of the students are one of only a few Jews.

Thank you, Gat Slor

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