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1st/2nd grade 5-3-15

Dear First & Second Grade Families,

On Sunday, we studied brachot (blessings). A bracha/brachot (blessing/s) is/are typically recited numerous times each day, in many different situations, to remind us/say “Thank You. We appreciate what You have done for us.”

When we recite a blessing, we use a blessing formula—the same six words to begin each blessing: Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam (Blessed are your lord our God king of the universe who) and then continue by saying:

  • Hamotzie lechem myn ha'aretz." (Who brings forth bread from the ground)

  • Boreiy pree hagafen" (Who creates the fruit of the vine)

  • Boreiy minei mezonot" (Who creates various types of foods made from wheat and grain other than challah)

  • Boreiy pree ha'etz" (Who creates the fruit of the trees)

  • Boreiy pree ha'adamah" (Who creates the fruits/vegetables of the ground)

Each child created a brachot book that listed the aforementioned prayers for different types of food that he or she might eat. While our session focused on brachot recited before eating, drinking or smelling nice things, we also learned that there a brachot for many other situations including doing good deeds, good health, seeing a rainbow, traveling, and using the restroom. If you are unable to find a brachot you can always create your own as your child did on the last page of their book. Please ask them what they wrote and why?

I hope that you and your child will have the opportunity to say some of the brachot that they learned in class when you sit down to eat dinner this evening. While nothing will happen to you if you do not say a brachot for everything you eat or do, it is a nice/meaningful way to say “thank you” and to appreciate the things you have/see/experience around you.

Shavua tov,

Nia Taylor

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