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7th/8th Grade 10/19/14

Dear PASJE Parents,

Our history lesson this week covered 165 BCE to 73 CE. We looked at the building of the second

temple under corrupt King Herod, the four types of Jews in Judea during this period, the birth of Jesus and the final destruction of Judea by the Romans. We learned that during this period, 10% of the Roman Empire was made up of Jews, or 7 million out of 70 million.

Our Torah Aura lesson was titled What Is Talmud? It dealt with the issue of liability for both individual and group actions. (See attached flow charts.) We defined the Talmud as the Mishnah, or law codes, and the Gemara as the legal discussion about those codes. The students were all most interested in our Talmudic discussion and were more than willing to express their opinions.



Best Wishes,

Terry Fayer

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