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3rd/4th Grade Class 12/15/13

Dear Wonderful PASJE Families,

*Thank you, thank you* to the many families who donated kitchen items, toys, blankets and gift cards to the Mawana family, newly here from Afghanistan. Hope this will make their first holiday in the US a bit more comfortable!

Today, we:

1. Sang Tu B'Shevat songs including Zum Gali Gali as a round.

2. As part of the value Shiru l'Adonai, "Sing Unto G-d," learned a bit about Debbie Friedman, the rock star of Jewish music who wrote the Havdalah melodies we sing each week, "I am a Latke," "Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shevat" and more.

3. Read a midrash about the competition of all the trees for "Leader of the Forest." Ask your child which tree won the contest...clue: it's not a real tree.

4. Made scratch art hamsas.

Wishing all of you a terrific, relaxing break with your families. Can't wait to see everyone in January!



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