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7th/8th Grade 10/26/14

Dear PASJE Parents, Our history lesson today was titled After the Fall of Masada-73CE to 1000CE. We discussed how Judaism developed under Christianity (Ashkenazic) and Islam (Sephardic). We looked at how being The People of the Book gave Jews a common language and enabled them to be in a good position for success in international trade. The class had a lot of laughs acting out international trade routes. Our class worked again on the Torah Aura lesson on liability. The students argued ancient liability issues concerning glass, thorns, open pits and falling walls. With little encouragement from me they managed to think of many ways in which these biblical dangers had counterparts in modern day life. Many of them were not happy with the Talmudic Teaching that liability almost always rests with the individual who created a dangerous situation. See the attached chart on pit danger.. Your children are very engaged with the material I am presenting and are a real pleasure to teach. Best wishes, Terry Fayer

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