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3rd/4th Grade 10/19/14

Hi 3/4 Grade Families,

This week at PASJE we studied Creation. This year we are studying Jewish history and are starting right at the beginning. We looked over what was created each day, and the students all had great questions and comments about creation. I am so excited to teaching such wonderful students.

We also discussed Tzedakah. The students really grasped the idea of giving Tzedakah or charity to people in need. We talked about how we can donate three things; time, money, and things. Every week at PASJE the students have an opportunity to do this Mitzvah. They can bring money for our class Tzedakah box that is then combined with the rest of the school. We spoke how giving Tzedakah is as simple as when you see a penny on the floor pick it up and put it in a Tzedakah box.

If you have any questions about what we are discussing please feel free to contact me.

Terrah Yevilov

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