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7th/8th Grades 2/9/14

Dear PASJE Parents,

I asked my students to review their notes and write on a Jewish topic they found of interest. Everyone read his short response. The students had a chance to comment on each other’s work. I continue to be impressed with their respect for each other and the interest they take in each other’s ideas.

We continued our study of history by looking at 1600-1700 in Eastern Europe. Our reading was titled Mystics and Messiahs and we looked at the teachings of the Kabbalah and the development of Hasidic Judaism.

Our Talmudic study again concerned the concept of he-rodef, or one who pursues with the intent of harm. We enjoyed a full thirty minutes of dance with our outstanding dance teacher. We have some excellent dancers in our class.

Best wishes,

Terry Fayer

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