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3rd/4th Grade 2/9/14

Dear Wonderful PASJE Families,

Today, we:

1. Discussed the idea of "Kiddush Ha-Shem" - living in a way that gives honor to G-d and the Jewish people. We read a story about Hank Greenberg, the first Jewish player in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He lived "kiddush ha-shem" bringing respect to the Jewish people not only by excelling in baseball, but by enlisting in WWII when his age would have excused him, and by supporting unfairly-targeted African-American player Jackie Robinson.

Also, we watched 19 year old Jewish American Olympic figure skater Jason Brown perform his "Riverdance" routine. He competed in Sochi *today,* and he apparently wowed the crowds early in his performance only to endure a crushing fall later.

2. Started practicing the song "Adir Hu" for our performance at PASJE's Model Seder...unbelievably, 4 sessions away. The song, sung after "Next Year in Jerusalem," urges G-d to build soon. Ask your child....what needs quick building? (the rebuilt Temple)

3. Danced Israeli folk and line dances with Rachel

4. In our last few minutes, played Apples to Apples, Jewish Edition.

We'll see everyone in 2 weeks...enjoy Presidents' Weekend!

Shavua Tov,


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