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3rd/4th Grade 2/2/14

Dear Wonderful PASJE Families,

Sunday we:

1. Discussed *anavah* or humility. As an example of anavah, watched a 5-minute video on Albert Einstein. Einstein worked ceaselessly until literally his dying day on both scientific and pacifist and civil rights causes including the American civil rights movement and Zionism. Despite or perhaps because of the acclaim he received, he said "to keep working is the only way to escape the corruptible power of praise" and "I have no special talents, only a passionate curiosity."

Also, we discussed several rabbinic quotations about humility and ways to practice humility in our everyday lives.

2. Expanded on PASJE's trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum and the illustrations of Arnold Lobel. Read a ghost story called "The Shivers." As I read the story, the children drew their own illustration of the scary "Dark Frog."

3. Enjoyed Music with Michael and sang songs about the rain!

4. Made Jewish star origami.

Shavua Tov,


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