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1st/2nd & 3rd/4th grades 11/16/14

Dear PASJE Families of 1/2 and 3/4 Graders,

ThIs past Sunday your children were very busy in their classes. Both teachers were absent and had terrific lesson plans for their substitute teachers. We are very fortunate that our teachers try very hard not to miss a session at PASJE, every now and again it is a unavoidable. We are so lucky to have a few extraordinary subs that come and help us out during those times. This week Adinah worked with the intermediate Hebrew class and the 1/2 grade Judaic studies class. Rebecca was the beginning Hebrew and 3/4 grade teacher. Ask your students about how they felt having a new person teaching. I did pop into all the classes and everyone seemed very engaged and motivated to do their projects.

All teachers will be at school when we return December 7th.

Shavua tov,

Cathy Taylor

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