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3rd/4th Grade 11/9/14

Dear 3/4 Grade Families,

Today we continued learning the Jewish family tree. We have learned that Avraham was married to Sarah and were the first Jewish people. They had a son Isaac who married Rebecca who had a son Jacob who married Rachel and Leah. Jacob had twelve sons and many daughters. They became the twelve tribes of Israel.

We discussed how many generations later Moses was a Jewish man who was raised as an Egyptian in the Palace. One day G-d spoke to him through a burning bush and helped the Jewish people get freed from slavery.

The students all or will soon have a textbook, workbook, and folder. Please make sure that their work stays inside their folder as we will refer back to it each week. Please remind your students to bring all three things back each week to class. Feel free to read the chapter we are working on at home. However, please do not move on in the workbook as we will be doing the pages in class. We are reading chapter 2 in the textbook, and will be working on the workbook pages next week.



Terrah Yevilov

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