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3rd/4th Grades 10/26/14

On Sunday I had the pleasure of substituting for Terrah's 3rd and 4th grade class.

We started the Judaica class with a lively music session with Michael, including a song about tzedakah and the Hebrew song "Shalom Chaverim" ("hello friends"). After music, we collected the tzedakah and continued the discussion about different ways, not just monetary, that we can contribute to the people around us. The students committed to doing one or more special kind acts this week, then share about it next Sunday, and they also agreed to double the amount of tzedakah money they bring next Sunday. We also spoke about the seven days of creation (what was created on each day), and about what it means to be created in God's image. The children took turns sharing about one of the special skills and talents they have, and then they made a drawing of themselves doing some of their special skills and talents. Overall it was a fun and creative day!

Gat Slor

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