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7th/8th grade 9/28/14

Dear PASJE Parents, We began school today listening to the blowing of the shofar. Essential Judaism in a Nutshell. We looked at sections about the Fall holidays, the construction of the Hebrew Bible, and a timelineof biblical history. The class had lots of comments about the material. We read and discussed the first of ten outlines on Jewish history. It covered Jewish history from Abraham, 1800 BCE, to the beginning of the Diaspora, 586 BCE. We applied our knowledge from both secular school and religious school about this 1200 year period and worked to put Hebrew history into historical perspective. My students were delighted with Chaya M. Burstein’s The Kid’s Cartoon Bible. They enjoyed looking at the stories from Genesis with some of their new knowledge. This is a lively class, and I am working to make sure that everyone is heard with respect. Best wishes, Terry Fayer

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