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3rd/4th grade 9/21/14

Hi 3/4 Grade Families,

I want to introduce myself, I am Terrah Yevilov and am very excited to be teaching at PASJE. Today we played a Bingo game to get to know each other, and it was great to learn so much about all the students.

We also started learning about Rosh Hashana, The New Year. We talked about what the students knew from previous years and then learned more about the Shofar. We discussed why the Shofar is important and the different sounds. We also learned two sayings for the New Year, "Have a sweet new year" (Shana Tova) and "May you be written and Inscribed in the book of good" (Gamar Chatima Tova).

In Hebrew all classes will be reviewing for a few classes, and then will be moving forward and learning how to read.

Terrah Yevilov

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