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3rd/4th Grades 3-9-14

Dear Wonderful PASJE Families,

Today we:

  1. Discussed ometz lev, or courage. Many of the stories we know, including Esther, the Maccabees, the Jews at Masada and Moses, involve people fighting for what they believe in, despite great personal risk.

  2. Started a unit on Yiddish...ask your child to explain what it means to show bubbe and zayde that you are a maven at...(your special interest here).

  3. Practiced our Pesach song Adir Hu...I heard some kids humming it under their's catchy.

  4. Finished performing our Muppets Purim Spiel. Ask your children why Fozzie is a lot like King Achasveros.

  5. Baked midnight chocolate mint Hamantaschen. We discussed that in the spirit of the Purim mitzvah of shalach manot (sharing treat baskets with friends) they need to share their Hamantaschen!:-)

Shavua Tov,


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