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1st/2nd Grade 3-23-14

Dear First/Second Grade Families,

Today we studied the story of Passover. We learned that:

  1. The holiday originated in the Torah (Book of Exodus, chapters 1 - 15)

  2. Passover (in Hebrew, Pesach) commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt

  3. The main event of the Passover holiday is the seder (literally, “order”), a festive meal in which the haggadah (story of the exodus and related writings) is recited in a set order

  4. According to the Bible, there were 10 plagues that G-d brought on the Egyptians to persuade Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery. Please ask your child to show you the comic strip (that s/he started but probably did not finish, because of time, about the 10 plagues). If you have a moment this week or the next one, please spend some quality time with your child drawing and/or coloring the plagues that s/he already started in class. If you are going to a Passover seder, your child might be proud to bring and share what they have made.

Shavua tov! See you in two weeks!


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