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1st/2nd Grade 3-9-14

Dear First/Second Grade Families,

On Sunday, we learned about Purim. “Purim” is a Hebrew word that means “lots.” In the story of the Purim, we learn that a man named Haman drew a lot in order to choose the day on which the Jewish people would be massacred. When Haman drew his lots, the date selected for the massacre was the 13th of Adar. Instead of commemorating the scheduled massacre, we celebrate Purim on the 14th of Adar, focusing on the unraveling of the plot. During Purim it is common for the Jewish people to:

  • Read from מגלח אסתר, the Book of Esther, part of the Hebrew Bible, which tells us the story of Purim (Each child made a condensed version the of Megillat Esther to take home).

  • Eat Hamantaschen, a delicious cookie made in the shape of a triangle (to represent the ear, hat and/or pocket, depending on who you ask, of Haman).

  • Give Mishloach Manot (to friends) and Mataonot La’Evyonim (to those less fortunate than ourselves) to symbolize our gratefulness for surviving a near tragedy and to help us remember the many blessings that fill our lives.

We also read a beautifully written picture book called Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale, which reminded us to appreciate the things we have and to be aware of those who may not be as fortunate.

Shavua tov,


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