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Jewish Studies & Hebrew Classes Curriculum

The goal of our Judaic studies curriculum is to give all students a broad base of knowledge in Jewish history, culture, ethics, and values. Main topics and areas of study for each grade level are presented below.


Depending on the school enrollment, we may choose to combine two grade levels in a single classroom. We consider only developmentally appropriate grade combinations; for example, 1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th. The decisions on which grades to combine are made anew each year. We strive to keep grades separate whenever the enrollment allows it.


Our curriculum takes into account potential grade combinations and is structured so that it can be presented in 2-year cycles or independently each year. Topics that naturally occur every year such as holidays are presented at greater depth as the children get older.

Our Hebrew classes are optional and are supplementary to the Judaic curriculum. Classes are offered at three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced and the levels are adjusted to the needs of students in each class. Typically students in 1st-7th grade take Hebrew classes. Because of the limited time in the academic year, we choose to focus on prayer Hebrew as a means to help students prepare for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


Specific textbooks and materials listed for each grade level may change from year to year as new books become available or older books go out of print. Teachers also use materials from the PASJE library and video collection to supplement and enrich lessons.

Our students come from varied Jewish backgrounds. At PASJE we try to foster relationships between students and to teach them to love and appreciate the diversity of Judaism. Our most important goal and our fondest hope is that PASJE students establish a firm sense of their Jewish identity and their connectedness to the Jewish people.

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