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Jewish Education Programs - Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitvah and Bat Mitzvah workshops are part of our Jewish education programs here at PASJE. We strive to create a Jewish community with our families outside of the classroom as well.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah


Independent Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are done by some PASJE families. The school's Hebrew program helps prepare students for this event. One of several ways that the school support these joyous activities is by annually holding a Bar/Bat Mitzvah meeting where people have a chance to meet local tutors and hear from parents who share their experiences and resources and suggestions on performing these independent and joyous events.

Parent Connection

PASJE offers adults opportunities to meet other parents and help establish a PASJE community outside the classroom. These activities are held on selected Sundays during regular school hours. These are sometimes informal unstructured get-togethers and at other times are organized discussions about a specific topic. These will be announced by e-mail and/or on the PASJE calendar page.

Additional Resources

PASJE has a fine Judaic library for adults and children. Students use the library for enjoyment and to broaden their education. PASJE also has a significant video library with entries for children and adults. Please contact our director, Cathy Taylor, for more information and library access.

Student Aides

Each year, our eighth-grade graduates apply to work in the classroom as teacher's aides. These paid and un-paid positions provide these high school students with valuable experience while supporting the teachers in the classroom.

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