PASJE Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant

Job description


PASJE’s Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant supports the school’s mission by maintaining accurate accounting of the program’s balance sheet. The B&AA promotes successful classroom education and special events with logistical support. The B&AA furthers school-wide connection by supporting communication efforts. The B&AA is the information hub for much fundamental school information, linking student families, the Board, and PASJE staff. The B&AA will:

  • Maintain accurate financial and enrollment records

  • Support classroom education efforts 

  • Facilitate school communication throughout the academic year

  • Keep Board of Directors and Program Director up-to-date on the school’s financial health

Bookkeeper Responsibilities


  • Maintain current, accurate records on expenses and income

  • Maintain current, accurate enrollment figures including tuition payment status for all students

  • Attend regular meetings with Board to offer insight on financial decisions; partnering as needed with Board Treasurer for timely information exchange

  • Facilitate payroll for PASJE staff (program director, teachers, and B&AA)

  • Provide complete, accurate, timely records to accountants for tax purposes

  • Provide complete, accurate records to Board and Program Director as needed

  • Manage petty cash outlays and staff/Board reimbursements, coordinating with Board Treasurer or President for distribution of checks


Administrative Assistant Responsibilities


  • Assist the Program Director and teachers in preparing and distributing classroom materials

  • Maintain enrollment data

  • Support the Program Director and Board with communication efforts around enrollment, marketing, and special events

  • Assist the Program Director (or in PD’s absence, the Board) with recruitment, hiring, training of teachers, as needed 

  • Assist the Program Director (or in PD’s absence, the Board) with planning and organizing seasonal school events (e.g. Sukkot pajama party) and classroom projects (including, when class is in-person, snacks)

  • Support the Board of Directors with occasional administrative tasks (e.g. setting up meetings, sending school-wide emails)





  • Accurate financial records

  • 100 percent tuition payments

  • Smooth payroll process all year


  • Happy students

  • Confident program director

  • Teachers feel well-supported 

  • Happy Board of Directors

Important details

  • Reports to Board of Directors

  • This is an hourly position with estimated weekly hours at 7; weekly hours expected to vary +/- 5.

  • Skills required include bookkeeping knowledge, administrative savvy, and technical proficiency (or willingness to learn) in email distribution software and data files, including but not limited to Google Docs and QuickBooks Online.

  • Over time, and particularly as school enrollment grows, the B&AA position responsibilities and weekly hours, too, may grow

Interested in applying for the job? Please send an email to

Interested in applying for the job? Please send an email to

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