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7th Grade: Jewish History and Holocaust


In years when 7th and 8th grades are combined in a single classroom, the curricula alternate the 8th grade curriculum in a 2-year cycle, so all students are exposed to all of the material. 8th graders prepare a speech to present at their graduation.

Main Focus - 7th

Students are presented with a brief Jewish history from Abraham to Hitler. The emphasis is on the events of European history that made the Holocaust possible.

Holidays and Celebrations - 7th

There are discussions of Hebrew holidays within an historical framework (for example, Hanukkah as resistance to Hellenism). Students also participate in school-wide celebrations of Hanukkah, Sukkoth, Tu B'Shevat, Purim and Passover.

Bible Stories - 7th

Students are introduced to the idea of the Hebrew Bible as a source of historical evidence.

Jewish Values and Ethics - 7th

Students examine the evolution of Jewish ethics and customs through time and space.

History and Israel - 7th

Students grapple with the meaning of being Jewish in light of Hebrew history. Cultural Judaism is discussed.

Prayers, Blessings - 7th

Students learn blessings necessary to plan and conduct a classroom Tu B’Shevat Seder and a school wide Passover Seder.

Music/Dance/Arts & Crafts - 7th

Music is taught weekly and dance monthly.

Textbook - 7th

Maus I
Maus II
Teacher developed historical outlines based on Abba Eban’s History of My People.
Torah Aura instant lessons on Talmud; Bet Din; Mishna; Rise of Hitler.

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