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6th Grade: Israel from Early Days until Today


Main Focus - 6th

History of Israel; from ancient to present.History of Israel; from ancient to present.

Holidays and Celebrations - 6th

Participate in school-wide celebrations of major holidays; Hanukkah*, Purim*, Passover*.

Bible Stories - 6th

Bible stories studied through drama, literature, art, and discussion.

History and Israel - 6th

The main focus of the year. Highlights include Zionism; the declaration of the state; wars; immigration; life in Israel today.

Jewish Values and Ethics - 6th

Ongoing discussions of Jewish ethical issues related to the events in ancient and modern Israeli history.

Prayers, Blessings - 6th

Blessing is said before snack each week.
Holiday blessings and celebrations.

Music/Dance/Arts & Crafts - 6th

Music: weekly
Dance: monthly
Art projects when appropriate for lessons taught
Cooking holiday foods.

Textbook - 6th

Understanding Israel.
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