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5th Grade: American Jewish History


Main Focus - 5th

American Jewish history and community from the beginning to present. Learn about Jewish languages (Yiddish, Ladino, and Hebrew), their role in history, and their importance to the American Jewry.

Holidays and Celebrations - 5th

Participate in school-wide celebrations of major holidays; Hanukkah*, Purim*, Passover*.

Bible Stories - 5th

Read passages relevant to class. For example, Exodus (slavery) for Pesach, Leviticus (the scapegoat) for Yom Kippur.

Jewish Values and Ethics - 5th

Ongoing discussions of Jewish ethical issues related to the discussion of contemporary history and social conditions; for example, what it means to be a Jew, the meaning of tzedakah, etc.

History and Israel - 5th

As related to the study of American Jewish history.

Prayers, Blessings - 5th

Blessings for the holidays and Shabbat.

Music/Dance/Arts & Crafts - 5th

Music: weekly
Dance: monthly
Class will read and perform several plays throughout the year.

Textbook - 5th

Challenge and Change: History of Jews in America
Teacher developed historical outlines.

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