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 3rd Grade: Jewish Values


In years when 3rd and 4th grades are combined in a single classroom, this curriculum alternates with the 4th grade curriculum in a 2-year cycle, so that all students learn both parts.

Main Focus - 3rd

Various texts, including the Talmud, are used to enhance student understanding of issues regarding the Jewish life cycle and the modern Jewish family.

Holidays and Celebrations - 3rd

Finding ways of being a "mensch" as part of observing the holidays and making them more meaningful.
Celebrate major holidays as a part of the school-wide celebrations.

Bible Stories - 3rd

Lessons on values and ethics conveyed in the Bible: King Solomon; Amos; Isaiah; the sages Hillel and Shammai.

Jewish Values and Ethics - 3rd

Articulate the meaning of being a "mensch" (a good human being). Learn how our actions "ripple out" and affect others. Learn the guiding principles of Jewish ethics: Tikkun Olam, tzedakah, justice, mitzvot.

History and Israel - 3rd

Study about Israeli villages where Jewish and Arab Israelis live and are learning about each other.

Prayers, Blessings - 3rd

Blessings for the holidays and Shabbat.

Music/Dance/Arts & Crafts - 3rd

Music: weekly
Dance: monthly
Arts and crafts: art projects are an integral part of every lesson.
Cooking projects: used for holidays and for making food for others as holiday gifts (shalah-manos for Purim, for example).

Textbook - 3rd

A Kid’s Mensch Handbook

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